So, why do we do this?

Public trails are public, but sadly, most of the map information is proprietary

We're changing that by building an open data platform and community designed to make trails more visible to the world. Best of all, we're building this on top of the OpenStreetMap system.

The OpenStreetMap system is one of the coolest open data platforms ever created. Volunteers all around the world contribute map data into an open ecosystem. This provides a great foundation for trail maps because anyone can contribute and consume trail information.

We use OpenStreetMap data to help build all of the Traildock maps. If you want your trail data to be visible by everyone, in every application, then OpenStreetMap is the best place to create and store trail information.

Is there more to be done though? We believe so. One key piece of trail information that is severely lacking in most systems is trail usage restrictions. When you're planning a mountain bike ride, you should definitely know whether or not biking is permitted on your intended trail. Our editor and map layers are designed with this in mind. As a user, you can quickly see which trails support your mode of travel. Whether you're a biker, hiker, horse rider, motorcyclist, utv'er, atv'er, or whatever, we want to help you find your destination.

Most importantly, the only way any of this succeeds is with your help. The benefit of many hands and many heads is so important. We thank you for getting this far, and hope you'll take the next step to helping us map the trails of the world.